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Friday, July 30, 2010

Feta Friday Giveaway Sponsored by Carrots n' Cake

Morning blog friends. Let's start the morning off with a not so fun mommy moment that happened yesterday. Mr. Man, Bean and I went up to Poughkeepsie to have dinner at his Grandparents house. Miss Bean was ready for a nap so we headed out. 10 minutes into the trip we heard what we thought was the noise of her making a you know what. We weren't completely sure if it was actually a full fledged one since she has been experimenting with making noises these days. Miss Bean was fussy as could be and wouldn't settle down so, when Mr. Man went to pick up a bottle of wine (our favorite Yellow Tail the "purple" label), I went into the back to see if I could calm her down and she could take a nap for the remainder of the ride. Hello nasty smell. AND you got it ALL over the place. Thank goodness for the piddle pad by Summer Infant Poor which I bought the last time we had a little disaster (Mr. Man's fault, but he will NOT take credit for it). Poor little lady......she showed up to Baba Ray and Great Grandpa Meyer's house in only a onesie.

Jen and I did Mud Pond this morning--two miles in less than a half hour. When I got home showered. On my way to Brett's office I stopped at The Freight House Cafe in Mahopac (behind Solon Uccelli's) and bought a Farm to Cup fresh juice. Delicious!!!!!--Thank you Donna for you marvelous creation.

Now for a blog giveaway. Please visit Tina at Carrots n' Cake for her Feta Friday Giveaway.

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