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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One picture, one object, many meanings

Sorry for the burry phone picture, but when Bean and I were waiting outside the office for Mr. Man to give her a kiss I noticed this cherry blossom tree. I realized how many memories and associations I have with this object. Before I get I into the sentimental meaning of the tree, yes, I know the tree itself is a metaphor, it was a kick in the butt reminder that we are creating memories with Bean and that is what is important. It isn't the stupid little things that get in the way and annoy you.

So the the memories/associations:

~Growing up there was a cherry blossom tree in the front of my childhood home. I remember sitting in my parents office and seeing the beautiful cherry flowers outside the window. I also remember getting so excited when the buds formed. When I would come home from college in the spring time I remember being disappointed if I missed them at their peek or thrilled to see them finally come in. I remember how annoying it was when the blossoms feel to the ground and made a royal mess. The goop they made was impossible to get off your shoes.

~A big association with cherry blossoms is Washington DC. This is where both Mr. Man and I went to college. Where we met and feel in love. Where I got and got fired from my first job. Where we got engaged. Where Mr. Man got accepted into graduate school. Where we made the big decision to pick up and move to Chicago. In other words where our family began. We adopted our first "baby" Aish (a yellow tiger) cat at a shelter where we both volunteered. This is where we first planted our seeds as a family.

I could go into details of every childhood memory where that tree is associated and all the things in D.C., but that defeats my main the purpose of the post. The point is....it is amazing how in one moment, looking at that one tree, one I must have looked at thousands of times, a flashback of memories and associations came to me. I left a better person being able to reflect on where I have come and reminding myself of who i want to be.

With that, I will say good night. Sleep well my friends.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Passion for Pinterest

Just a quick Sunday post. We had a WONDERFUL weekend which I will post on later this week. Did some Spring cleaning in preparation for exciting things in the near future. You should SEE the amount of garbage Mr. Man and I threw out and the amount of clothing we are donating.

Not sure if any of you have hit the Pinterest train yet, but I am HOOKED. It is SUCH a great way of keeping track of what you love and what you want to remember on the web. Wanted to share a couple of things that caught my eye this week:

Wave tutorial ~ one can even do 


Wishing you a wonderful week!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our happenings the last couple weeks ~ A droid phone photo dump

~ Finally figuring why a lollipop is so much fun
~ Fun with Poppy, Nanni, Mommy and Daddy at the farm- you ate maple syrup candy for the first time. One of Mommy's favorites
~Bubbles on a warm spring day. We went to the path where Mommy and Daddy used to take walk when they were first Married
~Celebrated Purim in style by wearing you ladybug costume
Fun with Poppy

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bean….How can I get mad at you when…..


Jenna June 2011 Cropped

Miss Bean,

How can I get mad at you when sometimes you do the darndest (not sure if that is a word) cute things. These days you are REALLY testing my nerves. While I LOVE that you want to be independent you think you can do more than you can. I know my job is to guide you and allow you to have space to be free, I am a control freak and am learning step aside. When I intervene it is for your safety.

So, for the darndest cute thing. I was supposed to sleep at my Nanni’s and Poppie’s house tonight since I am watching Uncle Brian’s presentation early in the morning. I wanted to prep you for the fact that I wasn’t going to be there. So when we were lying in bed watching your new favorite, Curious George, I told you that Daddy was going to put you to bed you tonight and I would see you later in the day. You took one look at me and said “Mommy no kiss me?” When I told no, Daddy would give you a kiss and check you before you go to sleep you gave me this look and said NO!

How could I forget these moments. Good news is Mommy will give you your kiss tonight since we figured out how to make it work.

Love you my little lady!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello again

The week before New Year's Mr. Man wrote a wonderful editorial about his "aversion" to New Year's resolutions. To him the stress of making and keeping them caused him to not commit at all. One thing I love about him is his ambitions. That being said, he tends to make declarations on New Year's that he can't achieve or ones that he could only keep for a small period of time. What does this do...create one disappointed non-committal New Year's eve maker (if that makes any sense). Okay, while this might be a round about way to say this, I am known for that, THIS defines my blogging hiatus........

I was concentrating my blogging more on pleasing an audience I wished I had instead of being true to me. I was missing out on the very point of why I was doing this. It's for things like:

-remembering that Bean gracefully jumped (she called my name out and I went in like normal to have her run in my arms) of her crib at the end of November 2011

-that gims = raisins and jak = jacket and moy = more

-that on February 5, 2012 Bean declared that she no longer wanted to wear diapers and a WHOLE new stage began. Her first taste of control......boy has this been interesting.

-things like while at the the doggie beach Bean saw a miniature bulldog and said dad look a pig. To confirm her declaration when asked what animals she saw later she said dogs and a pig.

My mom had a baby book where she had my firsts this is my modern day way of documenting our life. The good, the bad and what is in between. This is my reality the way I see it and what I experience.

If I establish, keep or maintain a following, I would be proud. If there are people who enjoy my ramblings I appreciate you as an audience, but as Mr. Man explained....I am no longer making any "New Year's resolutions". I am just going to blog.

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