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Monday, August 2, 2010

Health, Happiness, Hamstrings featured on Operation Beautiful!

What an exciting day. Health, Happiness, Hamstrings has a blog posting on Operation Beautiful. The title of the post is My New Skin: Loving Your Body After Pregnancy. Please visit her awesome site and read my post.

A little about Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful was created by Caitlin Boyle. On her website she states that the goal of Operation Beautiful is to end negative self-talk or "fat-talk." Caitlin has recently written a book on Operation Beautiful which you can purchase through many bookstores. She also blogs about her healthy lifestyle at Healthy Tipping Point.

Thank you Caitlin for the wonderful opportunity to write for your blog. Bean and I are going to go to the bookstore and take a picture of your book in the Suburbs for New York City!

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