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Friday, January 7, 2011

We Did It! ~ We Made It ~ 4 Hours Down & Here To Talk About It

The benefit of living close to Bean's maternal and paternal grandparents is: we rarely take LONG road trips. To clarify, in the Htothe3 family, we define anything over 2 1/2 hours as a long car ride. That being said, when we went to PA to visit Mr. Man’s brother and friends of ours, which was 4 hours away, I was NOT a happy camper.

Many of you are probably shaking your heads, since in the grand scheme of things 4 hours isn’t really that long, but we have gotten so used to everything being no more than 2 1/2 hours from us. What is so funny about this outlook is, when Mr. Man and I were dating we lived in Washington, DC. We used to take 6 hour plus weekend road trips to visit his parents lake house in the Catskill Mountains without thinking twice. We did it often and we LOVED our time in the car. Maybe it’s old age (LOL), but I HATE being stuck in the car.

My biggest fear of this trip, especially since we have never gone 4 hours with Bean, was how she was going to react. Obviously, she wasn’t going to take a 4 hour nap, so I could plan on half of the trip being a nap, but what was I going to do with her for the other half. Plan was to stuff the front of the car with toys and push them over to keep her entertained. Glad to report the planned worked…..every time I pushed one over she would laugh. We did have some melt downs, but we made it.

The BEST part of the trip was the joy on Bean’s face while she played with her cousins. As I shared in my the simple woman’s daybook entry on Tuesday “joy through the eyes of a child for me defines the joy in simple things.” This outweighs the the sacrifice of the 4 hours. Being able to watch Bean interact and appreciate the company of her cousins was the greatest gift.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:


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