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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank you for the simple things………

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the silly things in life, but when I look at the face below, I realize what matters. I think my lack of blogging was due to the fact that I felt I didn’t have anything significant to say. Some of the blogs I read have such inspiring stories, tidbits, and  insight. I guess I was feeling inadequate……..but Tuesday was my birthday and I have made a declaration to be myself. If you read my blog that is what you are expecting. So to my readers……I promise to give you what you came for……ME. While every story may not be a declaration it is life as I know it. In the end there is nothing wrong with that.
IMG_1155 (4)
I am going to end this post with a new tradition I added to Bean’s nighttime routine. After a visit with Grandma and Poppy where they went to visit my Aunt my Mother-in-law told me about a song my Aunt used to sing to my cousins to remember the names of the family members. I LOVED the idea and created my own. Bean ADORES the song and makes me sing it multiple times before she goes to bed. I even added her kitties which she gets a kick out of.
So, tell me about some of your nighttime traditions you cherish.
Also, stay tuned for my Frito-Lay party I did with some other mom bloggers this week through theMotherhood.

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