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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello world

Hello world, it is nice to meet you. After reading healthy lifestyle blogs for the past year I realized it was my turn to take a shot at it. I have tried blogging in the past, but never found a subject I was passionate enough about to keep me committed. For over 30 years I have dealt with GI issues that haunted me. Instead of viewing eating as a way to nourish my body it was a constant battle to figure out what will give me the best bang for my buck (high nutritional value and low GI distress). The ONLY time my GI track liked me was when I was pregnant with "Bean".

Additionally, I knew that "Bean" needed a good example of someone balancing sensible nutrition with sensible exercise. Since my husband just started a new business and was feeling pressure left and right, healthy eating went down the drain. That being said, someone had to take on the challenge and be an example for her. I was up to the challenge.

So, welcome to Health, Happiness, Hamstrings (aka exercise). Join me for my journey to find a blance of all three.

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