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Friday, August 20, 2010

Do as I say; Not as I do

Ever since reading the thought provoking post from Sarah of Peas and Thank You I have been on a mission to consciously become an example for Bean. As you can read in a previous post, on this subject, I was really moved by her concept that by acting the part soon enough you will start believing it. This concept has always been something I practiced, but the way that Sarah described it is amazing.

While growing up I always felt that my parents word was the ultimatum. This notion might have been based on a childhood perception, which I will gladly admit to, but I never felt that they were consistent in their action as they were with their words. Now that I am a parent I realize that my parents were only doing what they thought was right. As they say, they were doing the best they could with what they had on hand. Nevertheless it always irked me......That being said, I realized if i expect certain things from my daughter I have to "show" her how it is done. I felt like I would be a fraud if I stressed to her the importance of facing fears and giving something your best shot if I make excuses at times to get out of things I am afraid of.

A prime example of facing one of my fears was on Tuesday. Through my husband's paper we were invited for a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a boat ride on Lake Mahopac. Now if you do not know Lake Mahopac you do not understand how beautiful and what kind of opportunity this was. Being on the lake and seeing the houses that are hidden from the road was breath taking.

I would like to declare that I am not a fan of boats and tried REALLY hard to get out of going. I had a terrible experience on a boat when we were in Ireland which has made me hesitant to go on one ever since. Then, I thought about Sarah's philosophy.......I did not want to miss out on a unique opportunity because of fears. I went and had a wonderful time.

Thank you Sarah for motivating me to face my fears. I am not disappointed that I did it.

Pictures to come.

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