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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dusting Off Those Cobwebs

Wow! This blog has suffered a major case of cobweb fever and is in need of a reality check. Truth is.....life took the best of me and the cobwebs grew and grew and then grew some more. After having a wonderful heart to heart with someone I am proud to call a friend, Kelsey, of Naptime Chef, if you haven't visited her blog you are missing out of something amazing, I realized the importance of staying focused and making realistic goals.

I have truly missed my blog family, even if I am the only reader, I apologize for the severe leave of absence. Can you believe the last time I left you we were thinking about summer nights and bbq's, although these days I wonder if Thanksgiving is really next week.

That being said, Health, Happiness, Hamstrings is back and hopefully stronger than ever :) Since I so much has happened since I last posted I have decided to do a re-cap on milestones. Please visit the links provided and see the events through pictures.

August: Bean Turns One

September: Community Cares Gala

October: Bean's First Halloween

November (so far): Mahopac is Officially Put on the Map (The Rockefeller Tree is from MaHOpac)

Before I leave you, I wanted to highlight a twist on a Mr. Man's favorite.....Cavatelli and Broccoli I made tonight. I adore my Mother-in-law, but cooking has only recently become an interest of hers. Something she used to make for the boys was Cavatelli and Broccoli. Mr. Man has such memories of this simple dish. That being said, something I never liked about this dish was lack of a protein. I fixed this by adding chicken sausage. A link to this family favorite is coming shorty. I promise it will make your hungry crowd very happy.

I didn't want to forget to mention an initiative that Mr. Man and I are involved in. The 2010 Putnam County Women of Excellence Awards. To nominate someone please use the following link. This link will allow you to access a nomination form.

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