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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daddy’s Little Watchdog

So, let’s face it we are all well aware of the fact that the Northeast has been hit with some serious snow, but this post has nothing to do with the weather. Instead, it is a story about Mr. Man, myself, a dilemma, and the adorable admirer who watched as the task was completed.

Some information that sets up the stage of the story:

  • the dilemma: the snow on the porch was OUT OF CONTROL and in the middle was a sheet of ice. We were worried about harming the wood and since it was only January more storms were in our future.
  • the ONLY way to get to the porch is through the kitchen door. As you can see below this presents a major problem (Please note the picture below doesn’t even capture the problem. This was only after the first storm in December.):


  • what to do: this meant the ONLY way Mr. Man could get to porch was the dining room window (small space; not small guy; interesting scenario).
  • the admirer:L1020630

Now for the adorable story. In order to help Mr. Man, Bean went to to watch one of her favorite shows, Play With Me Sesame. I needed to keep her distracted while I gingerly assisted him out the window, watched to make sure he didn’t go through the wood (which was one of our biggest fears- thank goodness this didn’t happen), got the tools he needed, and made sure the cats didn’t go out the window. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw in the monitor that Bean was getting antsy so I went to get her from her “resting” place. She took ONE look at the fact that Mr. Man outside and all she wanted was Daddy. Bean was SO concerned about her Daddy she didn’t leave the door until he was done. All I heard was Dada Dada Dada.

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” well in this case; I will show you more than just one.

daddy's little watchdog

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