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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Simplicity Can Even Become A Milestone


To you this is just a picture of a little girl putting her hand in the water. To me, this picture represents SO much more.

I started a tradition with Bean, which I have slight memories of when I was a kid, that when I came home from school the first thing I would do was wash my hands. Are (Bean and my) ritual is that Bean stood and watched as I took out the step stool, placed her on the step, washed my own hands and then put her hands in the running water. For some reason, EVERY time we went through the part of actually washing her hands she would rant and rave. Why she was terrified is still a mystery to me since she LOVES her bath (basically the same thing). Never the less, I didn’t give up on the tradition. I will admit, it could simply be because I am germaphobic or just because I value the importance of consistency. 

This picture makes me smile for the fact that for the first time, and I have proof, Bean LOVED washing her hands. She enjoyed the running water and even helped me wash my own. I was soaked, but we were happy. Instead of getting upset because we had to wash her hands she was sad when it was over.

I by no means am supermom (like superman), but at that moment I felt super. I didn’t give up and my Bean is becoming a beanstalk. She is growing up. A part of me will miss the fear, only for the fact that I get to keep her in “that” moment a little longer. A New Year’s resolution of mine is to enjoy the simple things in life. Maybe appreciating running warm water and forgetting about all the troubles in the world is the simple things……..at that moment.

Sweet dreams.

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