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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Simple Woman’s Daybook - #2


Wow! This is a record….two posts in one night (besides adding a video). Nevertheless, my The Simple Woman’s Daybook post # 2:

small simple woman icon

Outside my window... I am not sure. Sitting with Mr. Man on the couch. Would have to get up to answer this question. Enjoying his company and living in the moment. Wouldn’t want to change it. Shout out to Funky Vintage Kitchen .

I am thinking... wish I could put life into slow motion. Loving this moment.

I am thankful for... the fact that it is supposed to snow tomorrow. Who would have ever thought I would be thankful for snow. To me these days snow means the hope that Mr. Man will be home and we will be stuck in the house together…..how romantic.

Winking smile

From the kitchen... in our house the “kitchen is closed.” That is something my mom used to say when my brother and I wanted something after we had dessert when we were kids.

I am wearing...a nice button down sweater and nice jeans. What I WISH I was wearing pjs.

I am creating...happiness for my family. The definition of that changes day by day, but isn’t that the beauty of it.

I am going...to bed VERY soon. Dreaming of my favorite blanket. Yummy and soft. Downstairs it is brown, upstairs red.

I am reading...still the same book. Sorry, I am a SLOW reader. Mansfield Park by Jane Austin, one of the Booking it in 2011 books. You can view my entire Booking iT list here.

I am hoping...to dwindle down  the to-do list of mine. SO not happy about it. Sad smile

I am hearing...a movie in the background. Not sure what Mr. Man is watching. Totally ignoring it, but hoping he is enjoying it.

One of my favorite things….knowing that Bean is sleeping and hoping it is of wonderful things. Mr. Man is home and relaxing. Bed is in the near future for me. LOVE it!

A few plans for the rest of the week: import the rest of the lists. Crossing my fingers that Mr. Man will be on Daddy duty tomorrow while I get the rest (be realistic SOME) of my to-do list done.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


Seeing a lot of you lately!

We are supposed to be getting THIS tomorrow.

Only reason I am hoping (wait lets be realistic praying) for it is …..

Mr. Man will be home. Smile


Goodnight Htothe3 readers.

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