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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BOOKING iT in 2011



As mentioned in last week’s The Simple Woman’s Daybook post and in my New Year’s Resolutions post I joined Booking iT in 2011. Booking iT is a virtual book club hosted by Jessica who blogs at Life As Mom. What is so unique about this book club, besides the fact that it is online, is the flexibility of the program. Unlike traditional book clubs, where you are typically required to read a predetermined list of books, this club has two tracks. In track one, the books are picked for you and track two, you create your own unique list. If you are interested in participating and want more specific information you can access it through the handbook.

My selections includes books from both tracks one and some of my own (track two). The list is as follows (please note: due to family commitments I have already stated Mansfield Park and plan to link up in March):

Hope you will be joining this book club with me!!!!!!!!!!!

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