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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of love ~ 01: what they do



If you caught one of my tweets earlier this week, I mentioned signing up for a free online photography class. The name of the class is the joy of love and it is run by Kelly Willette of willette photography & more.

This 28 day (because February has 28 days Winking smile) virtual class is filled with daily prompts, photo tips, a group to share your photos (if you choose), plus some more tricks up her sleeve. As she says in her course description “all you need is someone(s) you love, a camera, a desire to stretch your photographic skills. Good news for you: you can ALSO join by clicking here.

Today was day one of the class. The prompt was what they do. The skill natural light. I am a newbie photographer so I did not really know what I was doing. Only thing I have up my sleeve is “ a desire to stretch my photographic skills” or in my case lack of.

My subject: of course, Bean.

Challenge: Keeping her still.

Accomplishment to celebrate: Satisfied with a few of the shots. Only wished I knew how to edit my photos. Shout out to Kelly, if you are reading this, I am hoping this is something you can address.

Here are a few of my pictures.


joy of love day 01

I hope you will signup for the class and join me on this adventure.


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