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Friday, July 23, 2010

Colors of the Rainbow

Sorry for the late post (finally published it this morning). The hubby came home while I was cooking dinner and I got distracted. A good distraction I must say. :)

Jennifer and I did Mud Pond this morning. What a beautiful path. I have done the Rt. 6 off Buckshollow in Mahopac before, but all you see if back of businesses. The Mud Pond entrance is beautiful. We did 2 miles in a half an hour. Jennifer and I are getting ourselves ready for a 5k. This will be my first. The 5k we are doing is September 26 and is called the Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk.

So now to eats:

1 Fage plain Greek yogurt with Bob Red Mills gluten free rolled oats and blackberries (they had a sale at Stop & Shop music to my ears)

Unfortunately for some reason it did NOT hold me over so I ended up having a mini Cashew Lara bar.

Hubby and I went out of a date (or at least of "work" date-hey these days I have to get what I can. :)Most important thing was we spent some alone time together.)

Had calamari as an appetizer which I shared with Mr. Man (aka Hubby). As a main dish I had roasted chicken. I only ate part of it because I was full from the appetizer....this is progress! Also skipped the rice and beans and only had a few of the fries.

Plum from the farmers market Bean and I went to on Wednesday.

Had the left over chicken from lunch and did eat the rice and beans. Nixed the fries. Now to a recipe:

As a veggie I made Dinosaur Kale with Rainbow Swiss Chard and Spring Garlic.
At the farmers market I was talking to one of the farmers at Ryder Farms in Brewster, NY. She taught me a trick which is pretty self explanatory, but was very interesting. When choosing a type of swiss chard to purchase there is a rainbow of colors. I didn't know which one to choose, but she told me that with all veggies the color indicates one of its nutritional values. For example dark colors indicate that they are high in antioxidants and a more green veggie indicates there is more chlorophyll. I decided on the red red swiss chard.

Here is what I did:
First I chopped up 3 leaves of Dinosaur Kale and 2 leaves of Swiss Chard like so

Then I chopped up whole spring garlic head. Now that might sound like a lot of garlic, but spring garlic is much milder than the traditional garlic you get that the grocery store. I have just started using spring garlic and prefer it to the ones I usually get.

The method:
Preheat a skillet with 1 TBS of EVOO and spring garlic. Wait until garlic gets golden in color. Add greens and 4 TBS of H2O. Stir and cover. Watch the pan so the greens do not burn and add water if necessary. Finally add the juice of 1/2 lemon and then serve.

I ate the whole thing and loved every moment of it. I hope you do the same.

Bean and I are going to the farmers market this morning (keeping my fingers crossed-welcome to life with a baby.....the dictate the schedule) and will share my finds with you tonight (time permitting). Tonight we are off to have dinner with new friends we met. Can't wait for Bean to be entertained by two four year olds and an 16 month old. :)

Have a great day blog world friends.

Rainbow Swiss Chard/Dinosaur Kale (serves 1)
1 fresh spring garlic head
3 leaves dinosaur kale
2 leaves swiss chard (I had red)
4 TBS of water
Juice of 1/2 lemon.

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